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The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Book Cover.

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Ultimate Guide To Designing Your Book Cover

"Julia was friendly and professional — she delivered on time, and exceeded all my minimum requirements for working with someone. In fact, she smashed through them. If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to have Julia design for you, grab it with both hands. She’s a treasure."

Vicky Fraser - Author and owner of Moxie Books, Flamingo Publisher

Get Yourself an Amazing Book Cover

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"It's rare these days to find some who just 'gets' what you do, but Julia is one of those people.

She has a thorough understanding of how design works and to put that in real terms, it means you'll be exceptionally happy with the result and have an easier life in the process.

Julia seemed to know what I wanted more than I did myself. She was on the ball the entire time, massively efficient and a sharp pair of eyes. Like I said; my life was made easier.

The end result was a design that did everything I needed and more. It showcased my writing whilst not overpowering. It bought it to life and made it easier to read. It made the whole thing work.

Julia's more than safe pair of hands; she's talented, intuitive and lovely to boot. Hire her - you're daft if you don't."

Sally O'Sullivan - Mustang Copywriting Ltd.

Create an utterly lickable book cover design that gets you noticed and sells your book.

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